The Heart4More Foundation, founded in February 2014 by me, Tobi Alabi, when my football career was cut short when I suffered a cardiac arrest on the field of play, is a non-profit organisation that works with football’s governing bodies, professional clubs, educational institutions and communities to raise awareness of cardiac health. Our motto, “To Save Lives & Enhance Futures”, reiterates our stance on using sport to empower the general community for collective social development and wellbeing.

The Gala Dinner, on 1st May 2016 at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, aims to bring the community together to celebrate the lifesaving work of the Heart4More Foundation. This year, we are also raising funds for the purchase of equipment that will contribute towards the successful implementation of our National Screening Programme. We need to raise £112,000 to make these purchases and therefore be able to provide screening opportunities to the general community, saving the lives of those who are unknowingly at risk of sudden cardiac death.

By joining us at the dinner, you yourself will be “Saving Lives & Enhancing Futures”.

Thank you,

Tobi Alabi
Founder – Heart4More Foundation


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Jenni Steele

After living through years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni Steele found her strength and researched her way out, vowing to rebuild her own self-worth and support others who were living through abuse. The Jenni Steele Foundation launched in March 2015, an organisation that believes in creating opportunities with a support network for the next generation of leaders.
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Tobi Alabi

Dinner Chair
Tobi Alabi is a former professional footballer. On the 15th October 2013, aged just 19, his heart stopped and he collapsed on the field of play. He never played professional football again. In February 2014, he founded The Heart4More Foundation to raise awareness of cardiac health.
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Hector Bellerin

In Conversation With
In January 2015, Arsenal and Spanish Youth International Hector Bellerin was announced as ambassador of the Heart4More Foundation. Born on March 19th 1995 in Barcelona, Spain, Hector was part of the Barcelona youth system for eight years. In July 2011, he joined Arsenal and has progressed through the sides youth teams all the way through to the first team.